Welcome to VarWar: Shooting Ground, a tactical combat game with tank forces under your command to defeat enemy.

VarWar is specifically designed to embrace thinking over fast reaction. Gameplay is essentially divided into two parts:
1. You set actions for all your tanks in a limited time period and
2. Game engine collects all actions from all players and executes them simultaneously.

Steps are repeated until someone wins. Gain advantage by thinking up tactics, predicting what moves might be done by the enemy and anticipate them. Here is a short list of actions and how-to-play notes:

In Control mode select a tank to see Shoot, Repair and Move actions with their available count on the left top corner.
Selecting Move shows available cells (diagonal move will consume ~1.5 of orthogonal move). Selecting a cell will add action to the queue, but not execute right away.
Move selected 2nd time shows available cells from a new position. Action points this time are not enough for diagonal moves.
Selecting Shoot shows reachable cells. Always consider that your enemy's tank might move somewhere else from it's current position.
The order of actions is essential! For instance, Shoot-then-Move and Move-then-Shoot will have different results, as tanks positions might change.
When you select actions they are listed in a queue and graphically shown using arrows and highlighted cells (except for Repair).
To remove last action from queue use the trash-can icon on the right side. All actions for all players will be executed in Execution mode.
Most of the tanks can be hit only with a direct shoot. Some tanks can have splash damage that will also affect neighboring cells.
Damage is calculated based on parameters such as shell power, shooting accuracy and tank's shield. Hit points will be different each time even for similar tanks.
And finally some expert advices:
1. Even if you have less number of tanks it does not mean you should surrender :)
2. Sense your enemy's strategy and tactics, make counter maneuvers!
3. Mostly it is better to Move-then-Shoot, but it heavily depends on your enemy's strategy.
4. Repair tank when out of reach of other's fire!
5. If you already set all actions for all your tanks, click GO button to indicate that you are ready. If other players are also fast responders your game will be very dynamic.
6. Moving usually is faster than Shooting and it is a good strategy to move permanently to avoid direct hits. For slow tanks it does not make sense since they will be hit before moving to a different cell.

Have a good time and become a champion of VarWar: Shooting Ground!
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